World’s First Web-Based 3D Casino at

World’s First Web-Based 3D Casino at
Instant Play 3D CasinoTo enter the 3D Casino no download is required; simply head over to the Casino website and login to the 3D Casino environment. 3D Casino RoomsThe 3D Casino has rooms for roulette
blackjack and slots players plus a special room for High Rollers
and once you’re in the 3D Casino you navigate through the lobby by means of your keyboard arrows. Customizable AvatarYou start out with a default avatar but you can create your own fully customized virtual character by choosing from different body types
facial features and clothing styles.    You can meet and interact with the other casino visitors when walking through the various gaming rooms
or while sitting down at the tables. You can also approach one of the support staff
recognizable by the dealer uniforms and Casino badges. Interactive and Realistic ExperienceThe multiplayer casino games – like roulette and blackjack – are particularly more interesting when played in 3D. The 3D gaming experience allows you to literally stand between the other gamblers at the tables
making it an interactive and realistic way of online gambling.