The Insurance Wager in Blackjack

The Insurance Wager in blackjack

An Insurance wager is a bad bet even if you have a good hand. You will be making a whole different wager when you choose the Insurance bet in blackjack. You should think twice before making this wager.

Let your Blackjack Knowledge Takeover
When playing a hand of blackjack
your chances of winning increase if you know what you are doing. Some players only have minimal knowledge of the game whereas others are much more advanced.

Max Rubin: A Veteran in the World of Blackjack

Max Rubin is like one of the many professional blackjack players who do not merely play to earn money. Rubin is also interested in sharing his skills with other people. He does not only like teaching blackjack players on how to improve their moves
but he also loves training blackjack dealers to improve their craft.