Effects of the Rule Variations in Blackjack

Effects of the Rule Variations in Blackjack
Blackjack is undoubtedly the most popular table game on the casino floors. However
if blackjack were only introduced today
the game would never be accepted in any casino. The main reason is that through the use of basic strategy
players can cut off the house edge of the game to about 0.5%. When Edward O. Thorp introduced the book “Beat the Dealer” in 1963
it exposed the reality that blackjack can really be beaten by any player who masters card counting. And a player who has the knowledge of some basic blackjack strategy can have the chance to even out the game. Because of that book
the popularity of blackjack was increased significantly because many players crowded to casinos in the attempt of beating the blackjack dealer. To counteract it
casinos opted to add more decks that are used in blackjack
thus making it a little bit harder for card counters. But using the basic strategy in multiple deck game will still lower the house edge to less than 1%. But when it comes to reality
only a very few players are taking their time to learn and put into practice the card counting strategy. And many of those attempting to use card counting do fail often than succeed. Besides
of the millions of players out there
only a very small percentage is spending their time or taking the effort to play blackjack using the basic strategy in a perfect way. Even if the house edge of blackjack is lesser than 1% but for an average player who don’t use basic strategy
the house edge rises to about 2%. You may think that casinos profit largely in blackjack through this way
but there are casinos that make some changes in the blackjack rules in the recent years to get more revenue from all players. There is the shuffling machine that speeds up a blackjack game. There are some changes of the blackjack rules like doubling down after a split is not allowed anymore. These rule variations in blackjack may seem to be minor but there is a new change in the rule that casinos adopted today that will make a major impact on a blackjack game. For the natural
there are casinos that will be paying six to five instead of three to two. This blackjack rule variation do increases the house edge to about 1.5%. For a player who uses basic strategy
the house will now be 2% and that’s is one kind of blackjack game that you should truly avoid. If you are playing blackjack and the payout for the natural is not three to two
you should not just walk away from that table but run away from it. Find the casino that offers the best deal for a blackjack player like you.