Can I get a swanky Vegas gambling experience – but with low limits?

Can I get a swanky Vegas gambling experience – but with low limits?

I’m currently staying in Las Vegas and it seems silly not to have a go at playing some roulette and maybe some blackjack. The GF would like to try playing some slots. Where can we go on the mid-strip which is suitably classy but at the same time has low limits? We’re currently staying at the Mirage and whilst their casino looks nice
the limits seem to be $10+. Considering that I’m only budgeting $100
this isn’t going to get me very far. As such
I’d like any recommendations on places on the strip which: 1. Are swanky (so we at least have a decent Vegas experience) 2. Have low limit slots (to keep the GF happy) 3. Have low limit roulette and blackjack (say $2-$5) so that I can at least place more than 10 bets. 4. Are on the strip and ideally not too far away from the Mirage (as it’ll probably be the last thing we do before going back to the hotel). I don’t plan to make an evening of it as our itinerary is pretty booked up
so maybe only an hour. Many thanks!

Math and Odds and Blackjack

What are the chances
in blackjack
that I will start with 15
and the dealer will be showing a 10 (or face card worth 10)? Despite the fact that my buddy thinks the odds of this are near 100%
I’ve tried to calculate the actual odds (assuming a single deck). I’ve come up with 2.62% -ish. Not really sure if I’m right. I started with all the possible hands I could have. 2652 (52 * 51) Then I figured out how many hands would give me 15. 64 hands with a 10 (or equivalent) and a 5. 64 hands with a 5 and a 10. 16 hands with a 9 and a 6. 16 hands with a 6 and a 9. 16 hands with an 8 and a 7. 16 hands with a 7 and an 8. 16 hands with an ace and a 4. 16 hands with a 4 and an ace. These fall into two groups
those that have a 10
and therefore deprive the dealer of one
and those that don’t. 128 hands have a 10. 96 hands are 15 some other way. If I have a 10
she has 15 cards left
out of 50
to get a 10. If I don’t she has 16 out of 50. So my odds of making a 15 using a 10 (or face card) are 4.8%. Her odds of then having a 10 showing are 30%. So we have a 1.44% chance of that happening. -Plus- Me making 15 some other way: 3.7%. And her having a 10 showing: 32%. Gives us 1.18% for that second scenario. So 2.62% of my having 15 and the dealer showing a 10 or face card. Two questions. Assuming a single deck
is this correct? Assuming multiple decks
what changes (if anything)? If I’m wrong
where did I go wrong? (It would help my brain to have a combination of english and math to explain where I went wrong
rather than just something like “you should have used a factorial for possible hands 52!-4!”
etc…) Thanks.

blackjack II
electric boogaloo

I got a cheap blackjack II
and I’m happy with it for the most part. However
I’m having trouble finding a headset/hands free set up for my car… I’m trying to avoid a bluetooth for price concerns and also
well – I find them dorky. I’d prefer a headset that sits around the ear like these or these. I cant seem to find one for the blackjack II
and opted for an earbud. The earbud suuucks
and doesnt seem to actually stay in my ear. The problem seems to be the jack that plugs into the phone is weird (see link for photo). Does anyone have a blackjack II and have a good headset? I’ve tried lots of googling
but to no avail. I’ll break down and buy a bluetooth if I have to
but for the small amount of time that I’d use the headset in my car (cali law) it just doesnt seem to make sense.