After you dealer

After you dealer
Three times I got to play my hand after the dealer’s hole card was exposed. First a dealer peeked under a 10 and flipped over a4! We all have experienced the “double dip” look at a 4 in the hole under a 10 and flipped over a4! Marvin French says: 聽We all have experienced the “double dip” look at a 4 in the hole under a 10
but this is the first time I have seen the 4 turned over. I was playing two hands. The first
with a toke
totaled nine. I could not double down
so I hit and caughtance. The second hand was fourteen
so I stood. Instead of me breaking
the dealer broke and I won. The second time was at the MGM. A super-fast dealer did not wait for me to double after splitting 7-7 against her 6
when I caught an ace on the second 7. She flipped up her hole card
a 10
before I could even blink. I screamed for the pit boss
who let me double down. When the dealer broke I won. The third time was at Sundowner. I wanted to double down on ten against an ace because of a high count. I stupidly laid my hand face down as I reached for my wallet. The dealer thought I was standing and turned over her hole card
a 4. The pit boss was understanding and said I could stand
or double. I doubled
and this dealer also broke. 聽 At
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